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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions about AFN 4x4 Accessories on our FAQ page. From product details, installation guidance, to warranty information, we've got you covered.

  • Do you do installs?
    Yes! Our workshop is in Lower Hutt Wellington, get in touch for booking availability.
  • I’m not in Wellington, do you have recommended installers in my area?
    Yes! We have an installer network around NZ that we are always growing, get in touch and we can suggest your closest recommended installer of AFN accessories. We can also freight your gear direct to your chosen installers workshop to streamline things.
  • Do you freight AFN accessories around NZ?
    Yes! We send our accessories all around NZ so can freight to you not a problem. Direct to your closest Toll depot is cheapest, followed by a business address and lastly to a residential address being the most expensive. Just let us know your location and what you’d prefer, and we would be happy to provide a quote. We can freight your gear direct to your chosen installers workshop to streamline things.
  • Are AFN 4x4 accessories ADR/airbag approved?
    Yes! All of our products have been tested and approved to Australian Design Rules (ADR) and comply with vehicle safety standards including airbag compatibility.
  • Do your bars come colour coded?
    No, all our products come standard in a satin black powdercoat. If you are wishing to have your product colour coded to suit your vehicle please discuss this with your installer. It is also best done locally to you for a perfect colour match and to avoid the risk of shipping damage.
  • Why is there a gap between my vehicle body and bullbar?
    Do not be concerned when you have a new bullbar/loopless bar fitted and it is not sitting hard against your vehicle body. Our products have been designed to allow for maximum chassis movement for each vehicle we manufacture products for. These gaps do vary depending on the vehicle, as some 4WDs have more movement than others. Remember the body of the vehicle is isolated by rubber blocks to the chassis allowing the two to move independently. The gap is to ensure that the bar does not damage your vehicle when you experience chassis movement crossing uneven terrain or using a hi-lift jack etc.
  • Are AFN bars compatible with body lifts or aftermarket flares?
    No, our range has been made to suit standard body placement and contour of your vehicle. We do not manufacture any adjustable brackets to suit vehicles with body lifts. Our frontal protection range has been designed to fit perfectly with the standard width of your vehicle – Extended/aftermarket flares will protrude past the bulbar as it would your standard bumper.
  • My bar has been damaged during freight, will you provide another?"
    Please thoroughly check the product before signing, unwrapping it if necessary. By not checking the freight and simply signing you are accepting the freight as is and no claims can be made at a later date unfortunately. If you find damage, please sign ‘received damage’ and notify us within 24hours via e-mail with images. This way we can work with you to get you a replacement or have your product repaired.
  • What is AFN 4X4 Product's warranty policy?
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