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What we do

AFN 4x4 Accessories, founded in 1995 and more recently brought into NZ, specialises in premium vehicle protection equipment, after initially serving the military and the United Nations. With a focus on design, strength, and aesthetics, AFN offers a unique range of products, including bullbars, rear bars, side steps, and underbody protection plates, tailored for the modern off-road vehicle.

New Zealand Agent for AFN 4X4 Accesories
NZ agent for the range of PREMIUM AFN 4x4 accessories:
  • Full looped bullbars 

  • Loopless bullbars 

  • Rear step bars 

  • Side steps 

  • Side rails 

  • Aluminium underbody protection plates 

AFN founded its Portugal operation in 1995 to meet the need to supply vehicle protection equipment for the military and the United Nations.  In more recent times it has realised the potential to grow and expand its market and is now one of the most well-equipped companies dedicated to the production and commercialisation of protection accessories for off-road vehicles.

At AFN we approach things differently, we take into consideration the natural lines of the vehicle and give the vehicle a look and feel that it so rightly deserves – No outdated, traditional ‘one style’ fits all products here! The four-wheel drive market has been crying out for something different and new, and as such AFN has seen this gap in the marketplace. 

Anyone can make a Bullbar but not many apply the design philosophy that we do. A well-designed bar is a fine balance between strength, overhung weight and aesthetics and at AFN we put a lot of effort into getting this balance correct.  

AFN 4×4 Australia has worked tirelessly with AFN Portugal to produce a range of products that is particularly suited to the Australian market and therefore New Zealand. Every AFN bullbar is tested to meet all ADR, airbag and Australian Standards requirements. This same approach is carried through to our rear bars, side steps, guard bars and our unique aluminium underbody protection plates. 

AFN knows that getting to the front takes a lot of investment, and as such it is important to ensure the latest manufacturing techniques are utilised. From full 3D vehicle scanning to complex tooling, AFN is dedicated to ensuring it stay aligned with the demands of modern vehicle manufacturing techniques. 

AFN employs Automotive engineers trained in Europe that understand modern vehicle safety and design elements. These together with a desire to combine aesthetics with functionality has resulted in a product range that will ultimately change the way front and rear protection systems are seen, especially in the New Zealand market. 

See the range of vehicles we cover here.

New Zealand Agent for AFN 4X4 Accesories
AFN 4x4 Accessories

Feldon Shelter roof top tents

The highest quality roof top living designed right here in New Zealand!

Come and experience our country with us, the way it should be seen. Forget pegs, air mattresses & uneven sleeping! Introducing NZ's most popular range of rooftop tents, the Feldon Shelter Crow’s Nest. Available in multiple size options (to sleep up to 5 campers).

Often imitated but never duplicated, it takes quality to become NZ's most premium rooftop tent but the Feldon Shelter does just that.

Now with an all-new hard shell ‘Hawks Nest’ tent in three size options to compliment the range of soft-shell Crows Nest’s. The Hawk’s Nest’s tough & durable fully aluminium construction creates an aerodynamic rooftop home that is ready for camp in under 30 seconds (yes, you heard that right!).


There’s a range of quality accessories to compliment your roof top living quarters to get you organised and enjoying the beauty NZ has to offer.

FeldonShelter logo.png
Feldon Shelter roof top tents.jpg
What we do Runva.png


Runva has been manufacturing superior quality winches for 30-years, has an industry leading warranty (limited liftetime) and the biggest selection of winches.

We specifically stock the Runva 11XP Premium 12volt winch with synthetic rope as our go to winch to compliment an AFN bar.

Runva winches

Safari snorkels & performance parts

Safari 4X4 have been an industry leader in 4x4 products since 1981! For decades Safari 4x4 Engineering has designed and manufactured automotive snorkels and 4WD performance systems made to enhance the performance, durability and driveability of 4x4 vehicles.

Safari's signature lies in the quality and durability of its components, the attention to detail in every system and the absolute standard that "product performance must always be reliably achieved". We have got to the point where we will fit no snorkel other than a Safari as it has the best guard cutting templates, instructions, fit and finish we have ever seen.

Safari Snorkel and more recently the Armax Performance Systems include Safari 4x4 Snorkels, performance ECU engine control units, upgraded intercoolers, turbochargers, exhausts, oil coolers, gearsets and clutches.

Safari snorkels & performance parts logo copy.png
Safari snorkels & performance parts.jpg

Yakima roof racks, platforms
& accessories

New horizons are waiting, Yakima can help you load up and go find them!


Starting with a base rack system as the foundation for your custom rooftop setup. Fitting options then depend on your vehicle and its roof type. For many vehicles, Yakima has a range of roofrack crossbars or platforms to choose from, depending on what you want to carry or the look you want to go for.

Whatever you need to carry - bikes, kayaks, skis, camping hear, work tools, family luggage and more - Yakima has a versatile range of accessories. With options for carrying gear directly on your base rack system or the rear of your vehicle, Yakima products have you covered, so you can Take it Easy.

Yakima logo 2.png
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